Saturday, May 27, 2006

Tacoma Narrows Memorial Oscillation Tour

I hope you find it interesting. I pointed the podcast at the opening of our first performance from Cuneo Italy on June 3, 2006. This was performance of my specification "Noosphere" and included 4 hubsters and 5 students from the Conservatory there.

They used both titles for our "BrückenMusick" gig
Our concert on a bridge in Cologne
"Tacoma Narrows Memorial Oscillation" or "Sink, Rhine, and Hooker"
I knew, given the choice, Jens Brand could not pass up my terrible pun.

Also, we will return to Centro d' Arte in Padua after not being there in over a decade.

We are a footnote at NIME in Paris mostly at IRCAM

more specifically

Norbert Schnell and the gang at IRCAM are really putting on quite a shindig
Here is all the other stuff that is happening at NIME 2006

We are doing a three day workshop ending in a concert with the students at the Conservatory in Cuneo Italy ...

This about all I can find about Cuneo online. I guess they aren't too big on advertising on the web there.

Our host Stefano Bassanese has done a lot of interesting work:

And of course the "Direzione artistica" at Centro de Arte and my favorite musicologist of all time, Veniero Rizzardi should get a mention ;-)

What better way than to give a pointer to some of his writing. In this case about some early Morton Feldman piano works works preformed by Debora Petrina. This is a great record, by the way, very interesting and not what you might expect.

It was Veniero that pointed out that "Bitches Brew" is really a tape piece. This highlights the interesting relationship between Miles Davis producer Teo Macero and Edgar Varese, but that is very interesting story for another day.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

HUB in Padua June 2005

Here is the poster of the HUB for performance in Padua, Italy. Mark Trayle will not be there so he was "Stalin"ed out of the photo. It was taken last June in Berlin as you can see the "the Fernsehturm or the Tele-spargel (toothpick)" in the background. We will be playing in Cuneo, Italy then Padua (Padova) then flying to Paris for the NIME conference and finally to Cologne (Köln). There was a whole adventure with the NIME thing that had to do with me proposing the hub do a workshop, then having it rejected, then reinstated, and then a piling on with a bunch of other people. So we will just be breifly talking about our music for 45 minutes. They tried to yank the conference passes they had promised, but that was going too far. We were also going to play at LOGOS in Ghent, but we couldn't fit it in the schedule. It is too bad as it would have been great to see Gotfried and Moniek again.

The video podcast and linked to this site is from a HUB performance at the Metopolis Kino in Hamburg in Nov. 2005. Special Thanks to Georg Hajdu for helping us put that performance together.