Saturday, June 30, 2007

Extraordinary Rendition online score

Click on the title above to hear my own rendition of "Extraordinary Rendition" that I performed as part of the Deep Listening Convergence at Lifebridge Sanctuary in High Falls, NY on June 10, 2007
Monique Buzzarte' trombone
Pauline Oliveros accordion
David Arner harpsichord
Katharina von Rütte vocal
Scot Gresham-Lancaster piano

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Click here to get access to a "live" score of "Extraordinary Rendition" the instructions are to follow the green ball.

"Extraordinary Rendition" grew out of two sources. First my unstoppable attraction to bad puns. As a musician and a purveyor of rendition after rendition in the course of my life the repeated references to the U.S. governments new improved, indeed, extraordinary renditions had to be met by my own "Extraordinary Rendition". Around this time while studying Mark Levine's book "Jazz Theory" I came across a set of changes that took the core of John Coltrane's remarkable "Giant Steps" and modulated through all 12 keys. I thought to myself while playing through them, there is the essential material here for an extraordinary rendition of this classic jazz standard. So I felt it was my patriotic duty to do my little part for this administrations endless ill defined "war" with my own "Extraordinary Rendition".

This is dedicated to the wonder of "habeus corpus" and the Geneva convention and to all those who truly know that the "rule of law" is what makes our nation great.

Also, check out this cool flash animation based on "Giant Steps" by Michal Levy.
John Coltrane continues to inspire ...