Friday, April 27, 2007

Etude before the Convergence

Here is a transcript of my unsuccessful attempt to have 9 remote players perform in the Concert Hall in the Music Department at SJSU. Mercury was obviously in retrograde on this one ;-) but the link on the title of this entry is one Pauline Oliveros posted of a really fun mp3 of what everyone was doing online that we couldn't get a feed of onstage at the time. It was a bit frustrating up on stage for me, but everyone tells me they had a great time online. So that is great.

Here is a bit of the text chat transcript just before I gave up:
Scot Gresham-Lancaster 4/25/07 7:58 PM
add me back in
Stuart Dempster 4/25/07 7:58 PM
Marc Jensen 4/25/07 7:58 PM
uh oh
Monique Buzzarté 4/25/07 7:58 PM
only 9 add in
Marc Jensen 4/25/07 8:03 PM
is something happening now? I'm still dropped
Scot Gresham-Lancaster 4/25/07 8:05 PM
Thank you not working got to go Thanks a million
Michelle Nagai 4/25/07 8:05 PM
i'm on hold again
Stuart Dempster 4/25/07 8:06 PM
Have a good rest of concert!
Michelle Nagai 4/25/07 8:06 PM
looks like scot has moved on!
Scot Gresham-Lancaster 4/25/07 8:07 PM
Stuart Dempster 4/25/07 8:07 PM
anybody get hurt?
Marc Jensen 4/25/07 8:08 PM
no, we survived the riskiness
Viv Corringham 4/25/07 8:08 PM
better go before we do
Michelle Nagai 4/25/07 8:08 PM
i've got sleepy business. i think i must go...
Monique Buzzarté 4/25/07 8:08 PM
viv back in?
Michelle Nagai 4/25/07 8:11 PM
i'm going to sign off. do i just hit the hang up?
Monique Buzzarté 4/25/07 8:11 PM
Michelle Nagai 4/25/07 8:11 PM
by eall - have fun!
Viv Corringham 4/25/07 8:11 PM
i'm back i think
Marc Jensen 4/25/07 8:28 PM
crash? or is it just me?
Monique Buzzarté 4/25/07 8:28 PM
I'm ok
Marc Jensen 4/25/07 8:28 PM
okay, it's back
Monique Buzzarté 4/25/07 8:29 PM
zzz for meeeeeee
4/25/07 8:29 PM
xo to all
Viv Corringham 4/25/07 8:31 PM
lovely to play with you all- sleep got me too.
4/25/07 8:31 PM