Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cellphonia Blockparty mix for Aug. 11, 2006

After the great success of this version of our "cellphone opera" at the zero/one festival we have decided to leave it going for now, so please join in. If you already have, you can do it again and again. Admission free (especially on nights and weekends ;-) call 408-228-5848

NY Times
August 6, 2006
At ZeroOne, Paintings Are So Last Century

SAN JOSE, Calif.

"Some projects take audience participation one step further, allowing people to add voice, text or images to an artwork in progress. By dialing up another project, Cellphonia, [(408) 228-5848] a caller (presumably but not necessarily from the area) can join the chorus of a current-affairs opera. The libretto for that day, based on news feeds from The San Jose Mercury News, is voiced one line at a time; all the caller has to do is echo it back into the phone. The performance is recorded and automatically mixed with other voices. Later a caller can download an MP3 file of the song for playback on his own phone at http://cellphonia.org

“So often people with cellphones to their ears are in their own world, cut off from reality,” said Steve Bull, a New York artist-programmer who developed the opera with composers Scot Gresham-Lancaster and Tim Perkis. “This will pull people back into the community, as they sing the community story and hear their voice in the community chorus.”

To participate call: 408-228-5848
Listen at: http://cellphonia.net

we will be putting occasional mixes up at the "Cellphonia San Jose podcast" at:

If you are interested in sponsoring your own variation on this concept of a cellphone opera don't hesitate to contact us. info@o-art.org