Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Evolution revolution

Maybe not the as high brow as much that I usually post, but I thought this video was too unusual not to pass on. Hope you enjoy it.

more where this came from

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Guy van Belle from Brataslava live in Munich

Here is a picture of Guy van Belle (gevan bella) the now Eastern European racountuer and instigator in Berlin on a fine afternoon at the Tesla new media center in June of 2005. You see the experimental stuffed panda balloon in the distance. Photo by Tim Perkis

On 7-7-07 at 7 pm Guy was playing "tubes and flutes" on his mac through the t-u-be vst plugin to the inventive people at t-u-b-e from his front room in Brataslava. As he said in an email:
contributing for the workshops by http://www.t-u-b-e.de/
(it is in an old brewerey in a very beautiful cellar in m√ľnchen with a good technological setup
but I guess since I am playing from home missing out on that too .. hihi)
and isn't that the problem with doing network music. Concert promoters save so much on air fare. I like the deep listening convergence scheme cooked up by Vonn New and Pauline Oliveros to rehearse online and then fly everyone in to play together. Much better and very special, I was so happy to be a part of it.

Don't miss my recent interview that is now available on the turbulence.org Networked Music Review. It was so very nice of Helen Thorington to have me. If you haven't checked the site out your really should. It is fantastic.